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Today’s workforce has shifted from a centralized authority which holds most of the decision- making power based on their role. Traditionally, the organizational hierarchy determines who is empowered to make decisions. This individual is generally appointed and positioned as a leader over several group of employees who look for guidance and approval on how to proceed on a work project.

It is quite challenging to depend on the responsibility of one person calling all the important shots and being stretched in multiple directions. Furthermore, the decisions made at the top streamline down the organizational scheme and the employees on the frontline are expected to efficiently execute the orders. Of course, some details can be unclear or worst, not fit the capacity of the employee’s ability to perform. Only the frontline manager would be aware of what those employees are able to do.

In this briefing, we will discuss how returning power back to the frontline management will increase effective and efficient performance and best practices that will prepare frontline management to lead with confidence.

Do not miss this event. Be a part of this conversation on how to resolve communication issues moving forward.

Continental breakfast included.

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