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While most of us love a good listener, we may not be good listeners ourselves. How often are we guilty of impatiently waiting for another person to stop speaking so we can chime at their first quick pause? Perhaps we even speak over the person who has the floor to gain control of the conversation.

Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately, it happens all the time in team meetings or one-on-ones. While it should not be difficult to wait your turn, people often struggle with this – especially during important discussions. Maybe someone has a terrible habit of talking over you, or struggle with finishing other’s sentences. Being such a critical skillset, active listening will serve as a great benefactor for those scenarios. The secret code is to do more than just listen but establish a level of engagement in the conversation that reassures you that someone is listening to you.

How can you practice active listening? In this session, we will learn about elements as simple as, but not limited to, how to pay attention, and withholding judgment while listening, that enhances meaningful engagement resulting in a win-win for both parties involve. Couldn’t you use additional tools, in active listening, to curate trust, support, and organizational effectiveness on your team? Join us for this informative session to improve active listening on your team.

Continental breakfast included.

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