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Would you agree that employee wellness is an important component of a sustainable workforce? Of course, it is one of the staples for employee retention. Being aware of short-tempered employees and those who complain of exhaustion send indirect signals of what we refer to as burnout. Have you recently experienced that feeling of drowning, being overwhelmed with more than what one can handle, or never reaching solid ground? That is where it starts. Considering staffing shortages and utilizing parts of your team that is already stretched to capacity can be a sure recipe for burnout. Some employers face daily challenges that consist of operating with only 60-70% of their team due to vacancies. In turn, employees are tasked with additional responsibilities that oftentimes heightens levels of stress.

TCC - The Coffee Talk SeriesNot only could this turn into a significant mental health issue, but it negatively impacts team dynamics and bottom line as well. Of course, the more obvious signs include increased sick leaves, mindless mistakes, or disengagement. Unfortunately, employers might miss or misinterpret these behavioral patterns as a performance issue. Both behaviors could very well mirror the same outcome, burnout.

If you are an employer who needs additional insight on identifying early signs of burnout, this Coffee Talk is designed for you. We will discuss undetected signs of burnout, how to address, ways to prevent burnout, and steps to take in preserving your talent.

You do not want to miss this event. Be a part of the conversation around the table to improve your leadership and increase organizational effectiveness.

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