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Look around. Future leaders are everywhere but do they exist in your organization? Think about it for a moment. Who will run with the torch after you decide it’s someone else’s turn to manage the operation? Have you identified those people? If so, do you know for sure that they would want the responsibility? Most current leaders now are wondering who they can entrust with such a grave responsibility.

TCC - The Coffee Talk SeriesIn the meanwhile, it is important to assess the progress of those you are considering and retaining them. Developing the right talent in the first place is an underrated aspect of succession planning. After all, the ability to pick out an employee with potential is only as useful as the number of employees who have potential. One researcher mentioned that the leadership pipeline starts as soon as new hires come in the door. Once the right talent is on board, the onus is on senior leaders to begin cultivating the talent bench.

The organizations that are most successful at building a strong bench are those that demonstratively value talent. Leaders are tasked in identifying, assessing, and developing their high potential talent. To develop such tomorrow leaders, you must be intentional about cultivating a culture of talent that will follow the vision.

In this Coffee Talk, you will learn about five lessons on what most effective organizations do to build a culture of talent, how to evaluate potential successors, and align leaders with organizational strategies.

You do not want to miss this event. Be a part of the conversation around the table to improve your leadership and increase organizational effectiveness.

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