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Having difficult conversations are inevitable and we will all need to have them at some point in our work careers. It may be a conversation where you must manage emotions and information in a sensitive way to address issues such as poor performance, conduct, complaints from co-workers or reassure someone. There is never an easy way or time to navigate through these waters, but the journey is necessary to prevent any organizational injury.

TCC - The Coffee Talk SeriesIt is the responsibility of the leader to invite uncomfortable workplace conversations for long term gain. However, it does require mindfulness and strategy. Of course, there are risk factors that might include mistaken assumptions, offense, and increased anxiety from workers who feel under attack depending on level of seriousness. Knowing how to handle such conversations can dismantle unproductive and explosive outcomes.

This Coffee Talk will engage you on what to prepare ahead of time, keys on how to handle yourself when conversation gets complicated, and how to get over the hump of awkwardness or any lingering hard feelings. The most challenging part in having crucial conversations is learning how to rebound and working together to achieve the mission.

You do not want to miss this event. Be a part of the conversation around the table to improve your leadership and increase organizational effectiveness.

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