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Every employer wants to attract and retain exceptional talent. Most job applicants or new hires are compartmentalized into at least one of the two categories: under-skilled or untrained. Employers often ponder whether their ideal employee truly exists.

A prospective employee may have a fundamental skillset that needs to be cultivated and vetted. On the other hand, another person may possess the educational component but lack the essential skills to function in that role. Both could be very viable candidates, begging the question are either of the candidates worth the long-term investment?

TCC - The Coffee Talk Series

When considering a suitable fit for the team, employers should think about the skill that is already in progress, focusing on developing what is already established. It’s also worth thinking about if the education can be applied to meet the needs of that role with some additional training.

Although possessing a specific skillset is a major attraction for employers to determine if a particular candidate is a good fit for their team, people skills are also an asset. This Coffee Talk will further explore primary organizational skillsets that can help fill skill gaps and insight to other skillsets that share equal value to educational foundations.

Be a part of the conversation around the table to improve leadership and increase organizational effectiveness.

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