Before COVID-19 struck the world by surprise, the manufacturing industry was working to regain the momentum it had reached after the 2008 recession. 2020 forced the manufacturing industry to become more innovative, proactive, and tech savvy due to economic uncertainty. While 60% of manufacturers are experiencing disruptions to their operations due to COVID-19, Amar Hanspal, CEO at Bright Machines, comments that “economic uncertainty aside, the unprecedented supply chain disruptions of the year are a blessing in disguise for manufacturers, as they encouraged the often-stagnant industry to move faster and become more resilient than ever before. If there were a year to push the industry forward towards progress, this was it.”

Here are the top three trends that are sure to take the manufacturing industry by storm in 2021.

Trend #1 – Safety FIRST.

It almost goes without saying, employee safety is the leading trend for manufacturers in 2021. We all know that workforce safety has always been a top priority for manufacturers, but it takes on a new significance during a pandemic. In addition to basic safety precautions, such as enforcing social distancing measures on the production floor and ensuring that workers sanitize their workspace, manufacturers must closely and carefully monitor who enters and exits their facilities, and which individuals or equipment they interact with. TCC Corporate Solutions is helping align manufacturers with certified safety professionals who can assist in the development of new, up-to-date safety programs that include COVID-19 precautions.

Trend #2 – Expect a huge shift to localized production.

Hanspal expects to see the manufacturing industry take notes from the ‘farm to table’ consumer-driven trend in the agriculture industry that has emerged over the last decade, with a shift to local production.

“This will primarily be driven by the threat of ongoing trade war/tariffs threatening global supply chains, encouraging manufacturers to move production activity closer to the customer. In the future, manufacturers will want to build where they sell for several reasons, including faster time to market, lower working capital, government policies, and increased resiliency.” Tarrant County is no exception. TCC Corporate Solutions is not only working to provide our clients customized solutions that fit their specific business needs, we are also serving as a conduit to connect our clients with local suppliers and businesses that can support their business demands with shorter lead times.

Trend #3 – The Internet of Things (IoT).

Using predictive analytics and real time data to make well informed strategic business decisions is no longer a competitive advantage. It is now how you run a business. In Thomas Oppong’s article “5 Trends That Will Dominate The Manufacturing Industry In 2021 And Beyond” he comments, “Predictive analytics and IoT have an immense impact on manufacturing organizations, offering them new exciting opportunities to connect in-house operations and transform various business processes. Expect IoT to become even more utilized and famous in the upcoming years, as remote monitoring and predictive maintenance capabilities are going to be hot topics in the times to come.” TCC Corporate Solutions is helping its clients identified areas for automation and technological improvements. Sometimes the biggest advantage a business can have is a trusted resource that can see what you cannot.

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