About Corporate Solutions & Economic Development


The mission of Tarrant County College Office of Corporate Solutions & Economic Development is to provide both customized solutions and relevant job training to ensure the surrounding community has an educated and skilled workforce.

Workforce methodology

We understand businesses want a practical application, not theory. Our process includes customization using examples only relevant to the business and work at hand. By adhering to the methodology of andragogy application, we recognize the need for adults to learn in their own way. According to the American educator, Malcolm Knowles, there are varying principles as it relates to adult learners versus child learners (pedagogy):


  • Adult learners are self-directed


  • Adult learners use experience and past lessons learned as the foundation of their basis for learning

Relevant experience

  • Adult learners want to learn based on what is most relevant to their professional and personal life


  • Adult learners look at learning from the lens of not just context but the need to gain knowledge, apply to skill and ultimately solve a problem


  • For adults the motivation to learn is internal

Applying this methodology to all customized solutions, TCC Corporate Solutions will also use the ADDIE (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) training model to develop content that is clear and effective to the need of the learner and the business.