The mission of Tarrant County College Corporate Solutions & Economic Development is to provide both customized solutions and relevant job training to ensure the surrounding community has an educated and skilled workforce. By doing so, we directly support the diverse economy of our region helping our community to thrive. We value sustainable business growth, innovation of new opportunities, and our partnerships with local economic development entities and industry partners.

The Corporate Solutions & Economic Development team can help new and expanding employers in the region fill and sustain their talent pipeline. Our graduating students offer a fresh pool of talent, with customized continuing education helping to prepare and sustain the existing workforce.

By partnering with local industry leaders, the Corporate Solutions team offers solutions through consulting, training, certification programs, and other unique custom solutions relevant to the demands of the current economy. We are always working to build strong relationships with industry associations, creating programs that are relevant today, while also responding to tomorrow’s workforce needs.

To have a conversation on how we can partner with your team, contact us at (817) 515-7821.